01 February, 2009

An Accomplishment, a Recollection, and a Resignation

Just wanted to say that it's been exactly one year since I've touched a cigarette. It surprises me very much--as a former chainsmoker and smoking advocate--that the thought of cigarettes now nauseates me. My lungs feel wonderful, and my gums are relieved. Fuck Camels.

This weekend one year ago, I smoked my last bummed cig, fell down a flight of wet stairs (possibly cracking a rib in the process), passed out on a train, walked out on a job without saying anything, and enjoyed watching a sporting event by myself. I'm in an extremely different place right now, and it's all rather strange. But, all in all, on the up and up!

And finally, I have a Facebook now. I resisted for four years and I still don't really understand all it's capable of, but Myspace has practically died and I want to remain in touch with people. Look for me if you want. My name is over there in the right margin.

Thank you for reading my blog.

1 comment:

katie said...

Thank you for writing your blog.

Also, congratulations on the no cigarette thing. I don't know how long it's been for me, but it can't be longer than a few weeks.

I owe you a letter. It's on my to do list, which is only about 40 things long. :)